Land Where the Trees Talk – by Rahul Varma

Synopsis: Huge chunk of native land has been appropriated by the government for hydro-electric development, causing mercury poisoning. Natives, headed by their chief, blockade the road. Land Where the Trees Talk is a play about native rights in face of institutionalized dispossession.
Setting: Canada
Time Period: Any time
Cast Size: 11
Casting: A total of [...]

Blacky’s Trunk (English/Hindi) – by Sujay Sood

The structure of the play is such that a spectator how knows only one language either English or Hindi will be able to understand the entirety of the play by the end of both acts.
Setting: A Beach
Time Period: Anytime

Design Needs: The trunk is essential to the play. It needs to be large enough for an [...]

Stream of Consciousness of Singing Birds – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: A memory play of surrealistic bird-like humans and their journey from one climate to another and from one culture to another, encompassing oceans, mountains, high and low altitudes. A journey of happiness and loss, of life and death. A journey within and a journey of everyday happenings.
Cast Size: 9
This Play is: Unpublished
Production History:

Theater for [...]

Deceptions – by Taniya Hossain

Synopsis: The household of a noblewoman is thrown into romantic chaos when her secret love letter is mis-delivered making and breaking up couples with each exchange.
Setting: An Italian villa and surrounding countryside (a courtyard, a garden, a forest, a road).
Time Period: 16th Century Italy
Cast Size: 4W/ 4M
Duchess Alambria       An affluent, single woman [...]

An Antigone Story – by Shishir Kurup

A play with songs.
Synopsis: A hijack of Sophocles’ original protest drama set in the near future following the breakup of the former United States into a loose federation of nation states, Antigone is a rocker-performance-artist-tree hugger who defies her Uncle Krayon, a media mogul who is also the Governor of the powerful nation state of [...]

The Moral Implications of Time Travel – by Sarovar Banka

Synopsis: The Moral Implications of Time Travel takes place in the early nineties, on the semi-rural/suburban outskirts of Detroit where Anil Das, an Indian immigrant to America now in his sixties, lives with Pranav, his thirty year old son who has never moved out.
       At the outset of the play, Anil announces that [...]

The Quest – by Mrinalini Kamath

The Quest (or What Happened on the Quest for the Golden Fleece, as Told By Orpheus the Musician)

with music by Little Embers

Synopsis: Jason approaches Orpheus, a budding musician with a hit song and a loving fiancee, to help him get back his kingdom.  The Quest for the Golden Fleece seen through the eyes of Orpheus

Setting: Greece, Asia, [...]

Disappearance of Luck – by Lina Patel

Synopsis: The Disappearance of Luck is about what happens when a man’s wife mysteriously disappears and a stranger appears in his life. An urban, contemporary story, The Disappearance of Luck explores loss and grief without losing its grasp on the humor and tenderness that true love inspires.
Setting: An American city
Time Period: Now
Cast Size: Seven
TEDDY, [...]