Land Where the Trees Talk – by Rahul Varma

Synopsis: Huge chunk of native land has been appropriated by the government for hydro-electric development, causing mercury poisoning. Natives, headed by their chief, blockade the road. Land Where the Trees Talk is a play about native rights in face of institutionalized dispossession.
Setting: Canada
Time Period: Any time
Cast Size: 11
Casting: A total of [...]

Blacky’s Trunk (English/Hindi) – by Sujay Sood

The structure of the play is such that a spectator how knows only one language either English or Hindi will be able to understand the entirety of the play by the end of both acts.
Setting: A Beach
Time Period: Anytime

Design Needs: The trunk is essential to the play. It needs to be large enough for an [...]

When Saris Speak (The Mother) – Part I of Migritude, An Epic Journey in Four Movements – by Shailja Patel

Synopsis: 90-minute spoken-word theatre show
Written, produced, and performed by Shailja Patel
Directed by Kim Cook, Choreography by Parijat Desai
90-minute spoken-word theatre show. Uses artist’s trousseau of saris, passed down by her mother, to unfold hidden histories of women’s lives in the bootprint of Empire, from India to East Africa. Text consists of 14 sections, divided [...]