Jetlag – by Sarovar Banka

Synopsis: Presented in a fractured form, Jetlag unfolds as mystery that explores the psychological effect of emotional longing, dislocations of time and space that are both literal and metaphoric, and the events and influence of people in our lives that result in our failure or success. In the center of the play is a love [...]

Five Plays for the Visiting Maharaja – by Sarovar Banka

Synopsis: This collection of one acts are generally comedic and philosophical in their nature.  A few are short and lighthearted such as A Play for my Dentist, a ten-minute which traces the (sweet but not saccharine) emotional relationship between two dentists of different ethnicities through their research and collaboration in dentistry. Others are bit more [...]

Safe Space – by Brenden Varma

Synopsis: Safe Space is a satirical comedy featuring the South Asian-American gay and lesbian community. Opening with a support group meeting, the play follows the lives of a number of diverse characters as they try to reconcile their sexuality with their cultures and religions.
Setting: Manhattan (New York)
Time Period: Shortly after the September 11 attacks.
Cast Size: [...]

ABCD: A Work in Progress – by Aamera Siddiqui

ABCD:  A Work in Progress
Twenty years ago Saira lost both of her parents in a tragic car accident and was raised by a white foster family.  When an olfactory reaction to an aromatic dessert brings with it her first memories of the car accident that took her parents life, Saira begins a desperate journey to [...]

CHUP – by Aamera Siddiqui

Synopsis: CHUP is the story of two estranged sisters who come to terms with their relationship after the death of their mother.  Having grown up straddling two communities and cultures amidst secrets and taboos, one sister, Saima has chosen to stay close to home and to her traditional Indian-Muslim values while the other has chosen [...]

Chaos Theory – by Anuvab Pal

Synopsis: 30 Years of Shakespeare, verbal duels, jokes, alcohol. And the impefect physics of love.
Setting: America

Cast Size: 2
2 Indian professors
Production History: over 150 productions including the only Indian play to be The Finalist at The BBC World Playwriting Competition 2007, Alter Ego Productions, SALAAM Theatre, Producers Club, Here Theatre-Soho, 78 th Street Theatre Lab, American Theatre of Actors, [...]

Roulette – by Mrinalini Kamath

Synopsis: Gina, a Westchester housewife, visits her Aunt Loretta in Brooklyn, after Loretta’s brother Frank passes away. While clearing out Frank’s room, Gina comes across something that could cause a potentially explosive situation. 
Setting: Brooklyn apartment. The
Time Period: The Present
This Play Is: Published in full in Smith and Kraus’ The Best Stage Scenes, 2000

Views – by Mrinalini Kamath

Synopsis: David and Diane were high school sweethearts who married after Diane became pregnant. Now they live in a cramped studio apartment in Manhattan, where Diane takes care of their two-year old son. When David announces that his boss has fired him, the couple spirals into an argument that forces them to reevaluate their married [...]

Gandhi Marg – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: Gandhi Marg  was inspired by “A Streetcar Named Desire” and is set in the neighborhood surrounding Chicago’s Devon Avenue, affectionately known as little India.  The action takes place in the front “yard” of Shardul and Shanti’s apartment building, and inside the apartment itself.  Shanti and Shardul are newlyweds and very much in love. Shanti’s sister, [...]

Unveiled – by Rohina Malik

Synopsis: Racism.  Hate crimes. Love. Islam. Culture. Language. Life.
Five Muslim women in a post-9/11 world serve tea and uncover what lies beneath the veil in this compelling one-woman show. (Can also be performed with multiple actors).
Setting: United States and London, England
Time Period: Post 9/11
Cast Size: One woman Show or Multiple actors.
Character Breakdown For Unveiled
Part One [...]

Perfect Fit – by Lina Patel

Synopsis:  Perfect Fit if a fast-paced story about five friends, reunited, at a cross-roads in their lives.  In the play, marriage, fashion, inter-racial relationships and child-rearing are humorously explored to shine a light on three different ways of parenting.
Setting: New York City
Time Period: Now
Cast Size: 5
Radhika.  East Indian American.  A fashion designer/merchandiser.  Thirty-three.  Recently divorced.  At [...]

Disappearance of Luck – by Lina Patel

Synopsis: The Disappearance of Luck is about what happens when a man’s wife mysteriously disappears and a stranger appears in his life. An urban, contemporary story, The Disappearance of Luck explores loss and grief without losing its grasp on the humor and tenderness that true love inspires.
Setting: An American city
Time Period: Now
Cast Size: Seven
TEDDY, [...]

The Ragged Claws – by Lina Patel

Synopsis: Battery Park City and Bangladesh are under water, the American military works in secret around the globe and Russia controls European use of natural gas.  The future is now and the present is as urgent as the past for Alec, his parents, and the people who love them.  Mother and son are battling academics. [...]

The Deaf Duckling – by Aditi Brennan Kapil

Synopsis: A 45 minute play for youth about a child growing up Deaf in a Hearing family.
Setting: Various
Time Period: The Present
Cast Size: 3
SAM: Deaf Actor or Actress
MAN: ASL Proficient Actor- plays Papa Duck, Mr. Swan, various kids
WOMAN: ASL Proficient Actress- plays Mama Duck, Teacher, various kids
*Casting Note: Due to the story-telling nature of this script, [...]

Hanuman – by Aditi Brennan Kapil

Synopsis: This Bollywood-style musical for youth is loosely adapted from episodes of the Ramayana. It follows the adventures of Hanuman the monkey, a mischievous young social outcast who discovers his true nature and heroic destiny by helping his friend Rama rescue the Princess Sita from Ravana, a ten-headed demon.
Setting: Northern India, Punjab to be exact
Time [...]