The Gossamer Gyre – by Sujay Sood

Synopsis: Actors rehearsing an Elizabethan play written in blank verse begin to find strange inconsistencies that begin to dissolve the line between their “real” selves and their characters. The first act is set in the environs of Shakespeare’s Richard III. A lord seeks the murderer of his son, while his mourning daughter falls for a [...]

Secession – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: Momma, Dolly and Minnie are indentured servants in Louisiana.  Their family has worked for the Beauregards for many generations as paying off their debt continues to elude them.  The play opens at the Beauregard country estate in December, 1860 – a few days before South Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the [...]

Deceptions – by Taniya Hossain

Synopsis: The household of a noblewoman is thrown into romantic chaos when her secret love letter is mis-delivered making and breaking up couples with each exchange.
Setting: An Italian villa and surrounding countryside (a courtyard, a garden, a forest, a road).
Time Period: 16th Century Italy
Cast Size: 4W/ 4M
Duchess Alambria       An affluent, single woman [...]

Sankalpan (Desire) – by Lina Patel

Synopsis: An inventive fusion of Chekhov’s Three Sisters and Tagore’s The Home and the World, Sankalpan evokes a time of revolution that draws sharp parallels to the geopolitics of today. A story about self-determination both in the psyches of individuals hungry for change and in the psyche of an evolving national identity, Sankalpan is set [...]