Counter Offence – by Rahul Varma

Synopsis: Shazia, daughter of immigrant parents form India marries Shapoor, an Iranian on a student visa.  She sponsors him for Canadian resident status.  While the process drags on, their marriage takes an ugly turn. Shapoor hits Shazia and she calls in police.  Sgt Galliard arrests Shapoor on charges of spousal abuse.
Mr. [...]

On the Edge of the River Ganges – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: A poor homeless woman and her young nephew at the Ganges River, waxing nostalgic about their artistic heritage. A sad and poetic fable of day-dreaming about your past glory.
Setting: The Ganges River
Cast Size: 3
This Play is: Unpublished
Production History:

Les Theater Festival, Theater of the New City, New York, NY
Sacramento College (Student staged reading)

Jetlag – by Sarovar Banka

Synopsis: Presented in a fractured form, Jetlag unfolds as mystery that explores the psychological effect of emotional longing, dislocations of time and space that are both literal and metaphoric, and the events and influence of people in our lives that result in our failure or success. In the center of the play is a love [...]

Disappearance of Luck – by Lina Patel

Synopsis: The Disappearance of Luck is about what happens when a man’s wife mysteriously disappears and a stranger appears in his life. An urban, contemporary story, The Disappearance of Luck explores loss and grief without losing its grasp on the humor and tenderness that true love inspires.
Setting: An American city
Time Period: Now
Cast Size: Seven
TEDDY, [...]