Prince of Delhi Palace- by Ravi Kapoor

Synopsis: The story of Hamlet set in a curry house. A verse play that re-imagines the Shakespearian play within the confines of an Indian restaurant in modern times.
Setting: Could be set in North America, England, West Indies, Fiji, France….  wherever you find a South Asian population out side of south asia.
Time Period: modern day

Oh Sweet Sita – by Ravi Kapoor

Synopsis: A re-telling of the Ramayana set in modern day  England. Written in a modern, colloquial  freewheeling verse and inspired by the theater of Steven  Berkoff. This is a vocal text that needs to be married to a physical one.
Setting: England
Time Period: modern day

ABCD: A Work in Progress – by Aamera Siddiqui

ABCD:  A Work in Progress
Twenty years ago Saira lost both of her parents in a tragic car accident and was raised by a white foster family.  When an olfactory reaction to an aromatic dessert brings with it her first memories of the car accident that took her parents life, Saira begins a desperate journey to [...]

CHUP – by Aamera Siddiqui

Synopsis: CHUP is the story of two estranged sisters who come to terms with their relationship after the death of their mother.  Having grown up straddling two communities and cultures amidst secrets and taboos, one sister, Saima has chosen to stay close to home and to her traditional Indian-Muslim values while the other has chosen [...]

Lyme Park: An Austonian Romance of an Indian Nature

Synopsis: This modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s “Northanger Abbey” finds out heroine Kavita faced with the choice between living in a “Pride & Prejudice” fantasy world of her own making or the not-so-tidy world of reality where Mr. Darcy may not exist.
Setting: various
Time Period: modern day
Cast Size: 5

if it’s sad, i don’t want to see it – by Rehana Mirza

Synopsis: In a newly formed boutique water company, an odd assortment of individuals come together. As the global economy becomes increasingly smaller, each individual comes to face what they are willing to give up in the pursuit for happiness.  1 hr, 40 min
Setting: New York
Time Period: The Present
Cast Size:  3M, 3W

Confessions from the Afterlife – by Mrinalini Kamath

Synopsis: Steven and Rahul, 18-year-old best friends in life, meet in the afterlife, where one has a lot of explaining to do.
Setting: The Afterlife
Time Period: The Present
This Play Is: Published in full in Smith and Kraus’ The Best Stage Scenes, 1999

Roulette – by Mrinalini Kamath

Synopsis: Gina, a Westchester housewife, visits her Aunt Loretta in Brooklyn, after Loretta’s brother Frank passes away. While clearing out Frank’s room, Gina comes across something that could cause a potentially explosive situation. 
Setting: Brooklyn apartment. The
Time Period: The Present
This Play Is: Published in full in Smith and Kraus’ The Best Stage Scenes, 2000

Views – by Mrinalini Kamath

Synopsis: David and Diane were high school sweethearts who married after Diane became pregnant. Now they live in a cramped studio apartment in Manhattan, where Diane takes care of their two-year old son. When David announces that his boss has fired him, the couple spirals into an argument that forces them to reevaluate their married [...]

Sweet Dreams, Baby – by Mrinalini Kamath

Synopsis: Grace, a thirty-something bookseller, wakes up one night to find that the “man of her dreams,” has materialized. But as things start going wrong, Grace realizes that there are some things that even the perfect man can’t 
Setting: New York City apartment
Time Period: The Present
This Play Is: unpublished
Production History: presented at the Actors Studio, 2003

Bemused – by Mrinalini Kamath

Synopsis: “Hell hath no fury like a [muse] scorned.”
Setting: New York City bar. 
Time Period: The Present

The Some of All Parts – by Mrinalini Kamath

Synopsis: If he seems too good to be true; he probably is. Dating in this city just got a whole lot weirder.
Setting: Manhattan apartment
Time Period: The Present
This Play Is: Published in Smith and Kraus Best Ten Minute Plays for Three or More Actors, 2004 and Healthy Primates and Other Plays from the New Play Development Workshop

Helpline – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: A South Asian type-A attorney reconnects to a vitally important part of herself during a phone call to an internet helpline call center in India, where she learns the young woman on the other line is being coerced into aborting a female fetus by her husband and in-laws. 
Cast Size: 1F
Production History: Produced as part of Rasaka [...]

Instant Recall – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: Madhu, an aging South Asian woman is convinced that Nigel, an aging British man, is important to her life. As they share their stories, Nigel is persuaded that he indeed is.

Review Quotes:
““Instant Recall,” is funny and compelling, playing cleverly on the concept of immigration by placing a South Asian newcomer on a cruise ship, [...]

Unveiled – by Rohina Malik

Synopsis: Racism.  Hate crimes. Love. Islam. Culture. Language. Life.
Five Muslim women in a post-9/11 world serve tea and uncover what lies beneath the veil in this compelling one-woman show. (Can also be performed with multiple actors).
Setting: United States and London, England
Time Period: Post 9/11
Cast Size: One woman Show or Multiple actors.
Character Breakdown For Unveiled
Part One [...]