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Being a diplomat’s child, Sujay Sood grew up traveling the world. Born in Senegal, Sujay also lived in Geneva, Paris, Laos, Delhi, Ivory Coast, and Tunisia before coming to the United States for higher education. As a result, Sujay is an actor, writer & director with a keen sense of the shifting nature of identity and the magical nature of language in human experience.

Sujay first pursued his passion for theatre as an actor, getting much of his training at Lafayette College and Theatre Emory. A desire to explore language and literature led him to obtain a Ph.D. in English, and thereafter Sujay began writing and directing for the stage. Sujay is also passionate about films, having acted for the big screen, written several screenplays, and having taught film theory at the Boston Conservatory.

The Plays: In Boundary Conditions, a lonely Indian housewife is transformed by the TV as tutor, much to the incomprehension of an increasingly irate husband. In The Gossamer Gyre, actors rehearse an Elizabethan play written in blank verse to find themselves swept off their sense of reality by a Shakespearean tempest. In lyrical and poetic refrain, an anguished soul in The Man of Man searches for forgiveness for his sin of primal homicide. In Contract, A salesman unwittingly knocks on the door of an ex-fiance he fails to recognize, then uses every leverage possible to make a sale to the couple. In the inextricably bi-lingual tragicomedy Blacky’s Trunk/Kaalu ka baksaa, two couples explore their humanity on a timeless beach where a mysterious trunk presents them with the bounties of the universe.

Sujay Sood currently lives in Manhattan, where he is developing new projects for Salaam Theatre and teaching inner-city public school.


Full Length Plays

Mohammed and Mary
the Afghan/Pakistan mountains

Embedded journalist Mary is kidnapped by JIhadi Mohammed and taken to his camp. Mohammed, a disaffected Westerner, interrogates Mary, even as others in the camp question his choice of kidnapping. When Mary is bartered with another faction for supplies, Mohammed’s sides with Mary, abetting her escape. But is escape possible in the desert landscape?

The Gossamer Gyre
Theatre stage rehearsal.

Actors rehearsing an Elizabethan play written in blank verse begin to find strange inconsistencies that begin to dissolve the line between their “real” selves and their characters. The first act is set in the environs of Shakespeare’s Richard III. A Lord seeks the murderer of his son, while his mourning daughter falls for a knavish rogue with dubious motives. The lord’s mistress complicates the story by bringing news from the king’s court of imminent capture and execution. But the plot devolves to overlap with the “real”  lives of the actors, who flee at the end of act I to find themselves in a Shakespearean ‘Tempest’  in act II.

Blacky’s Trunk/Kaalu ka baksaa
A beach.

A bi-lingual play that can be understood by a unilingual speaker, this play also exists in English/French, English/Hindi, English/Hungarian, and English/Spanish.

Blacky’s Trunk is a tradicomedy set on a timeless beach, inhabited by a couple, Atman and Kala, and also a child, onstage throughout the entire play, who participates in the action but is never seen by the characters.  Prominent on the beach is a mysterious trunk, Blacky’s trunk.  The residential Kala and Atman are visited by another couple, the journeying Braman and Maya. The play is cyclical, highly comedic, yet has its share of poignant moments. The action explores relationships, ethics, and human passions in a universe of plenitude not one of lack.

One Acts

Man of Man
timeless, desert space

In lyrical and poetic refrain, an anguished soul in The Man of Man searches for forgiveness for his sin of primal homicide. Man has committed the ultimate sin of killing “the man of man,”  a divinity figure, and also killing his Woman in a fit or jealous rage. In a choreographed and lyrical exploration of incidents and motives, Man searches for forgiveness. Note: Woman is integral to the action but doesn’t have a speaking part. Duration: ~20 minutes.

Boundary Conditions
Now, any Indian city

An educated husband moves into the city with his under-educated wife. The wife feels estranged but hooks onto a TV tutorial that raises her education level exponentially. As the husbandâ s life outside the house gets more stressful, his wife’s behavior inside the house becomes the cause for increasing tension. In the aftermath of the violent climax during the night of Karvachaut (hindu day when wife fasts for husband), Sheela stands up for herself, but we wonder about the impact of the TV tutor.  Duration: ~1 hour.

Now, American suburbia

A salesman comes knocking on a cold and rainy night. He doesn’t recognize Cristina to be the ex-fiance he ran out on a decade ago. As the past is gradually revealed, Seve tries to use it as leverage to make his sale. The conflicts in the relationship between Dave and Cristina also come to the fore, and the secret which Cristina has kept from her husband for so long is revealed. The play investigates the nature of various types of ‘contracts’ that affect our day-to-day lives.  Duration: ~ 1 hour 15 minutes.

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