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Deen has been awarded the 2009 Emerging Writers Fellowship at the Public Theater, the Dennis Johnston Playwriting Prize, and the James Baldwin Playwriting Award. In the spring of 2009, he took part in the Tectonic Theater Project Intensive. His plays have been produced in NYC at W.O.W. Cafe Theater, Vital Theater, Theatre Row, Churuchin Theatre, Abram Arts Center, New School for Drama (among others), and also at the Berkshire Fringe Festival in Massachusetts. He holds an MFA in Theater and is a member of the Dramatists Guild.


Full Length Plays

Draw the Circle
1990s to 2000s

As Deen struggles to come to terms with being a transgender man, those who love him most find themselves struggling as well in this unique solo show, told entirely from the point of view of Deenā s family, friends and partner, yet performed by Deen himself. Laid bare is one family’s struggle with a child who continuously defies their most basic expectations of what it means to have a daughter… and one woman’s commitment to unconditional love.

Where Children Play: the Story of Tank & Horse

mid 1980s, suburban Connecticut
Some secrets you can only tell your best friend. Some secrets you can’t tell at all.

presented at the 2007 Berkshire Fringe Festival

Shut Up
late 1990s, a theater
She’s trying to tell her story, but her family keeps getting in the way.

Winner of the Dennis Johnston Playwriting Prize and the James Baldwin Award. Act I presented
as part of the WORD! 2001 Festival in Amherst, Mass.

One Acts

present day, Connecticut
A young man contacts his high school best friend to confess his love.

Read as part of The Playwrights Gymnasium participation in the Kennedy Center’s Page to
Stage Festival, 2009.

Seven-Year Itch
present day, city apartment
When a man cheats after seven years, his lover comes up with a creative solution which
leads to do some sexual experimentation.

Staged reading at the Abram Arts Center, produced by Desipina, and also at the “Shhh…
It’s Just Sex” reading at Nico Spoon, both in NYC.

late 1990s, outside Saint John the Divine cathedral in NYC
A young woman meets a homeless man on the steps of the cathedral, both of them searching
for something only a stranger can provide.

Produced at the New Works Festival at Vital Theater.

Barely Breathing
early 1990s, suburban Connecticut
Just because you’re both Indian women who date women, doesn’t mean you have a lot in common.

Semi-finalist at the 2006 Sam French Festival, produced at Cheruchin Theater, dir. Amy
Leland. Produced as part of Desipina’s UNBOUND Festival, at Theatre Row, 2006, dir. Amy Leland.

early 2000s, near a city
A young butch is uninvited to a family gathering because of the way she looks.

Produced as part of the New School for Drama’s Spring Festival, 2006, dir. Rolando Ramos.

Butchus Homosexualis
a fantastical time, a fantastical place
Goofus and Gallant show us the “correct” way to be a butch.

Produced in 2004 at W.O.W. Cafe Theater by Sir Real, dir. Selena Ambush. Produced at the
2005 NSD LGBT Showcase, dir. Selena Ambush.

Short Plays

Red Ball
a timeless, placeless place
Two kids wait for their mother and the world disappears.

Workshopped at the 2009 ATHE conference in NYC, dir. Andrew Gaupp.

Salt of the Sea
a seashore in Ireland, present day
Two kids lament the loss of the mother who “wandered” out to sea.

Staged reading presented at the Emerging Writers Retreat at the Public Theater, dir.
Robert Castro.

convenience store, present day
Two siblings fight about what they owe their parents.

Presented as part of Desipina’s 2008 7-11 Festival.

The Napkin
a bar, present day
The truth only strangers can tell.

Presented as part of the Sticky Festival of New Plays.


Pigeon Man
Washington DC, present day
A homeless man tells a young boy a story that changes his life.

Post-production finished in August 2008. Dir. Deen.

Love Marriage (working title)
rural Massachusetts, 1990s
Arranged marriages are supposed to be boring… but not this one. New to the States,
Ayesha finds she is being changed by those around her as much as she is changing them.

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