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Brenden Varma is a New York-based writer and performer. His principal play, entitled Safe Space, satirizes the notion of community through a comedic look at support group meetings for gay South Asians. A reading of Safe Space first took place at an event organized by the South Asian League of Artists in America (SALAAM) in June 2003. Because of the positive feedback received, Safe Space was expanded from a one-act into a full-length play and featured in another SALAAM reading in June 2004. The newspaper “The Urban Indian” ¬†referred to that reading as “very comical.” ¬†The original one-act version of Safe Space was featured in the Catamaran Journal of South Asian American Writing in its Fall 2004 edition. It also formed part of the syllabus of a course on Asian-American literature in 2006 in California’s Foothill-De Anza Community College District.

Brenden was born in Pennsylvania to a Punjabi father and Maharashtrian mother, who met while both serving in the Indian Army.


Full Length Plays

Safe Space

Safe Space is a satirical comedy featuring the South Asian-American gay and lesbian community. Opening with a support group meeting, the play follows the lives of a number of diverse characters as they try to reconcile their sexuality with their cultures and religions. The play takes place in Manhattan, shortly after the September 11 attacks.

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