SouthAsianPlaywrights.org is an on-line resource showcasing American and Canadian based playwrights of  South Asian descent. The goal is to create greater visibility for the participating playwrights and promote each playwright’s work to theatre companies, cultural organizations, and academic institutions, as well as to artistic directors, producers, directors, literary managers, editors, publishers, agents, and all other interested parties. The belief is that enhanced exposure will lead to an increase in the number of productions these talented playwrights receive.

SouthAsianPlaywrights.org was created by Chicago’s Silk Road Rising in association with the South Asian Theatre Arts Movement (SATAM).  The catalyst for the website can be traced to the first two National South Asian American Theatre Conferences - Desi Drama I (hosted by Silk Road Rising, Chicago, Illinois, July 19 – 22, 2007) and Desi Drama II (hosted by Pangea World Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 4 – 5, 2008).

The initiative defines South Asians as persons with ancestry in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, including persons of mixed ancestries.

Statement from Silk Road Rising Artistic Director Jamil Khoury

“SouthAsianPlaywrights.Org represents a new frontier in Silk Road Rising’s commitment to playwrights of South Asian descent.  North America’s vibrant and fast growing South Asian communities forecast not only demographic changes and increased economic and political power, but also demands for greater cultural representation and artistic influence.  It is our opinion that Americans and Canadians of South Asian backgrounds are poised for a theatrical explosion!  And as a non-South Asian, I can’t get enough of this rich Diaspora of artists.  The stories and aesthetics emanating from these diverse and highly talented communities are bound to have significant impact on our 21st century theatre.  As producers and cultural activists, we call upon our colleagues in the theatre world to engage these playwrights and integrate more South Asian stories within the broader repertoire of produced and published plays.”

Statement from Silk Road Rising Executive Director Malik Gillani

“As a South Asian American arts executive, it gives me great satisfaction to utilize internet technology as a cost-effective means of creating a forum for South Asian playwrights.  The desire to see and to share one’s own stories, to weave South Asian plays within the fabric of immigrant and second generation narratives, and to support voices that are specifically South Asian yet quintessentially North American, is a unique honor for which I am both humbled and grateful.  We all long to see ourselves on stage and for others to see themselves in our lives.  It is our hope that SouthAsianPlaywrights.Org leads to many more such opportunities.”