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Mrinalini (pronounced Mrih-NAHL-ih-knee) Kamath received her M.F.A. in playwriting from the Actors Studio Drama School of the New School University, and her B.A. in The Writing Seminars from The Johns Hopkins University.

Her plays , which include Sloppy Second Chances, A Rush of Wings, Views, Celestial Motions,The Some of All Parts and many others have been performed around the country, as well as the United Kingdom, Australia and India. Celestial Motions won first place in the 2005 East West Players (Los Angeles, CA) “Got Laughs?” Asian-American Comedy Play Contest. She was also a Tennessee Williams Scholar at the 2003 Sewanee Writers’ Conference in Sewanee, TN, a finalist for the 2004 Jerome Fellowship at the Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, MN, and was commissioned by Fluid Motion Theatre and Film in 2006 to write an adaptation of the story of Jason and the quest for the Golden Fleece.

Mrinalini has attended the New Play Development Workshop of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education three times as a playwright, and her short plays have been published in several Smith and Kraus anthologies. She has also been published by

Recently, she decided to try her hand at filmmaking, and the result is a short film called “What Happened on the Fourth Date adapted from her much-performed play The Some of All Parts.  She is a member of the Ma-Yi Theatre Writers’ Lab and The Dramatists Guild and an alumnus of Youngblood, the emerging playwrights’ collective at the Ensemble Studio Theatre.  For more information on Mrinalini, her plays and other projects, please visit


Full Length Plays

The Quest (or What Happened on the Quest for the Golden Fleece, as Told By Orpheus the Musician)
with music by Little Embers
Greece, Asia, Africa, the Sea. Tongue-in-cheek ancient Greece.

Jason approaches Orpheus, a budding musician with a hit song and a loving fiancee, to help him get back his kingdom.  The Quest for the Golden Fleece seen through the eyes of Orpheus. (Commissioned by Fluid Motion Theatre and Film).

Mumbai, India. Circa 2000.

Ashok and Sheela, a newly-married Indian-American couple, find their lives changed when they go to India for a relative’s wedding. What happens when the country your parents left for better opportunities becomes the new land of opportunity? BOOM is a rethinking of cultural and personal identities, based on a dramatically changing global landscape.

Shaman’s “office,” Harold’s bedroom. The present.

Harold, a gay urban professional, visits an urban shaman in the hopes of ridding himself of the half-woman half-rabbit succuba that visits him nightly. (Published in Healthy Primates and Other Plays from the New Play Development Workshop).

The Some of All Parts
Manhattan apartment. The present.

If he seems too good to be true; he probably is. Dating in this city just got a whole lot weirder.(Published in Smith and Kraus Best Ten Minute Plays for Three or More Actors, 2004 and Healthy Primates and Other Plays from the New Play Development Workshop).

New York City bar. The present.

“Hell hath no fury like a [muse] scorned.”

Sweet Dreams, Baby
New York City apartment. The present.

Grace, a thirty-something bookseller, wakes up one night to find that the “man of her dreams,” has materialized. But as things start going wrong, Grace realizes that there are some things that even the perfect man can’t fix (presented at the Actors Studio, 2003).

New York studio apartment. The present.

David and Diane were high school sweethearts who married after Diane became pregnant. Now they live in a cramped studio apartment in Manhattan, where Diane takes care of their two-year old son. When David announces that his boss has fired him, the couple spirals into an argument that forces them to reevaluate their married life together. (Published by

One Acts & Short Plays

A Rush of Wings
A bedroom. The present.

Emilie and Ishmael appear to be having the same dreams. There are some things that a couple just shouldn’t share. (published in Smith and Kraus’ Best Ten Minute Plays for Two Actors, 2007).

Hart’s Palpitations (co-written, with music by Matthew S. Anderson)
Operating room. The present.

A ten-minute musical that takes place in a clinic for the treatment of love-related injuries. Can Dr. Hart overcome his previous bad experience with love, save his love-struck patient and finally notice the loyal Nurse O’Plasty – all in ten minutes? Written as part of Raw Impressions Musical Theatre event number seventeen (Raw Impressions Musical Theatre #17 – “love by degrees”).

Brooklyn apartment. The present.

Gina, a Westchester housewife, visits her Aunt Loretta in Brooklyn, after Loretta’s brother Frank passes away. While clearing out Frank’s room, Gina comes across something that could cause a potentially explosive situation. (Published in full in Smith and Kraus’ The Best Stage Scenes, 2000).

Confessions from the Afterlife
The Afterlife. The present.

Steven and Rahul, 18-year-old best friends in life, meet in the afterlife, where one has a lot of explaining to do. (Published in full in Smith and Kraus’ The Best Stage Scenes, 1999).

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