Those Who Can’t – by Mayank Keshaviah

Synopsis: A first-year teacher is confronted with the realities of teaching in an urban public elementary school.  These realities come in the form of veteran teachers, parents and administrations who aren’t comfortable with a white woman playing savior to an at-risk population of students who are African-American and Latino.  When things get out of hand in her classroom, will she be able to transcend the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that she faces, or will they crush her idealistic desire to create real change?

Setting: An inner-city elementary school.
Time Period: The present.

Cast Size: 11 (5M/6W)

KATE GOLDMAN:  She is 22 and white.
SHERYL MARBURY:  She is 47 and black.  She’s a big woman.
JOHN FIRTH:  He is 29 and white.
JAMARIA HORNE : She is 24 and black.
KRISHNA RAJAN : He is 27 and Indian.
MR. GONZALEZ:  He is 41 and Latino.
SHAQUONE:  He is 9 and black.
GABRIELA:  She is 10 and Latina.
LADAWN:  She is 9 and black.
GUSTAVO:  He is 9 and Latino.
MRS. BULLINGHAM:  She is 32 and black.  She can be doubled by JAMARIA.

Design Needs: A classroom, the hallway, and the principal’s office of a school.

This Play is: Unpublished

Production History: Those Who Can’t received a workshop production as part of the USC School of Theatre’s Blueprints Festival.

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