Taconic Parkway – by Sudipta Bhawmik

Setting: A million dollar home in New York ; Current

Synopsis: Manasij, a veteran Bengali screen actor is visiting USA with a theater group to stage some shows in multiple cities. During his first stop in New York, he is hosted by Dipak and Sharika at their multi-million dollar mansion in upstate New York. The enthusiastic host, Dipak, expresses his desire to make a film with Manasij as the hero and their daughter Pom as the heroine. But Sharika objects to this proposal vehemently. She would never let Pom take part in this dream project of Dipak. Manasij tries to mediate, but soon realizes that he is being pulled into a dark vortex of suspicion and animosity that was carefully camouflaged by the opulence and the veneer of apparent happiness of an affluent Indian American family.

The play has received a staged reading at the Villager’s Theater, New Jersey.

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