The Gossamer Gyre – by Sujay Sood

Synopsis: Actors rehearsing an Elizabethan play written in blank verse begin to find strange inconsistencies that begin to dissolve the line between their “real” selves and their characters. The first act is set in the environs of Shakespeare’s Richard III. A lord seeks the murderer of his son, while his mourning daughter falls for a knavish rogues iwth dubious moties. The lord’s misstress complicates the story by bringing news from teh kings’ court of imminent capture and execution. But the plot devolves to overlap with the “real” lives of the actors, who flee at the end of act I to find themselves in a Shakespearean “Tempest” in act II.

Setting: Contemporary stage/Elizabethan/island
Time Period: contemporary + Elizabethan

Cast Size: 5
Casting: Lord Goodrig aka Richard, 50s
Mistress Jane aka Eleanor, 40s
Isabel aka Marina, 20s
Arthur aka Sanjay, 20s
Belincara aka Vanessa, a sprite

Design Needs: The second act require a “tempest” sort of feel.
Elizabethan costumes are necessary.

This Play Is: unpublished

Production History: The Gossamer Gyre was workshopped in 1999 in a staged-reading by the Players’ Group at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Mumbai.

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