Contract – by Sujay Sood

Synopsis: A salesman comes knocking on a cold and snowy night. He doesn’t recognize Cristina to be the ex-fiancĂ© he ran out on a decade ago. As the past is gradually revealed, Seve tries to use the past as leverage to make his sale. The conflicts in the relationship between Devinder “Dave” and Cristina also come to the fore, and the secret which Cristina has kept from her husband for so long is revealed. The play investigates the nature of various types of “contracts” that affect our day to day lives.

Setting: House, American suburbia
Time Period: Contemporary

Cast Size: 5
Casting: Devender Prakash, a naturalized American from India, late thirties
Cristina Gonzalez, a naturalized American from Puerto Rico, early thirties
Seve Skantzas, a naturalized American from Greece, early thirties
Maria Gonzalez, Cristina’ s mother
Pizzaboy, a delivery person
TVSPEAKER: A politician
Seve’s double

Design Needs: Seve’s double is a character who appears during a surreal/dream sequence in which the beginning of the play repeats itself, and the audience isn’t aware that they’re in Seve’s head until they realize that there are two Seves on stage.

This Play Is: unpublished

Production History: Contract was performed in 1999 by the Theatre Action Group at The Habitat Center in New Delhi.

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