Blacky’s Trunk (English/Hindi) – by Sujay Sood

The structure of the play is such that a spectator how knows only one language either English or Hindi will be able to understand the entirety of the play by the end of both acts.

Setting: A Beach
Time Period: Anytime

Design Needs: The trunk is essential to the play. It needs to be large enough for an actor to fit in. The trunk must also have a flap at the back for the actor to be able to get out.
There is paraphernalia in Braman’s backpack as well as in the trunk, as will become clear during a reading of the play.

This Play Is: unpublished

Production History: An English/French version of Blacky’s Trunk was performed in 2000 at the Boston Conservatory.
An English/Hindi version of Blacky’s Trunk was performed in 2004 by the South Asian Theatre Group at the Boston Actors Workshop.
Awards Review Quotes: Awards, Accolades, Great Review Pull Quotes, etc.

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