A Month in the Cafe – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: No one in the cafe talks to anyone else. All customers are on computers at all times. The waitress, an unemployed actress, is lonely and wants to make friends with the customers, but no one pays attention to her. She begins her own stream of consciousness monologues about how technology has ruined human interaction. She waxes nostalgic about all the great times she’s heard about in the cafes of Paris, where all the artists regularly met and talked. She begins to act out scenes from plays she creates in her mind. The customers become the other actors/characters for her plays, which she performs while serving them coffee.

Setting: A cafe in Manhattan

Time Period: 2007

Cast Size: 10




This Play is: Unpublished

Production History:

  • Theater for the New City, New York, NY (2008)

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