Secession – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: Momma, Dolly and Minnie are indentured servants in Louisiana.  Their family has worked for the Beauregards for many generations as paying off their debt continues to elude them.  The play opens at the Beauregard country estate in December, 1860 – a few days before South Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the Union.  Momma tries to convince her daughters that they are in an excellent position.  Dolly and Minnie’s  inner voices propel them to question their situation.  Momma refuses to entertain the prospect of one day leaving the Beauregards “employment“.  Will she continue to ignore her daughter’s urging? Will she develop a connection to her own inner voice? Or has it been ignored and silenced so often that it’s gone forever?

In Secession, the daughter’s inner voices manifest as Inner Dolly and Inner Minnie. They are not shy at making their point, even if it means resorting to physical combat – armed and unarmed!

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