Carrie’s Web – by Shyamala Moorty

Synopsis: Spiders have often been a source of humansâ  deepest nightmares.  However, in Carrie’s Web they may actually save the day!  A young South Asian woman struggles to untangle herself from cultural and familial webs.  She looks for empowerment to stop cycle of violence only to find help from an extremely unlikely source.  A fantastical tale is woven with contemporary Indian dance, theater and a high-heel wearing spider.

Setting: A young woman’s bedroom
Time Period: Contemporary

Cast Size: 1-2
Casting: Originally a solo show, Carrie’s Web can also be performed as a duet.

Artesia:  A young South Asian woman in her first year of college.
Carrie:  A fashionable, activist, female spider who, in human years, would be in her 30s.
Design Needs: A huge web that Carrie can hang out in and a bed for Artesia.

This Play Is: unpublished

Production History: Commissioned by and performed in TeAda Production’s Healing Aloud Series, 2009.

May 2009:  2100 Square Feet, Los Angeles
July 2009:  Miles Playhouse, Santa Monica

Awards: Carrie’s Web was supported in part by a Professional Artists’ Fellowship from the Arts Council of Long Beach and the City of Long Beach.

Review Quotes:
Carrie’s Web by South Asian performance artist Shyamala Moorty, manages to strike a delicate balance between her parody of a pop cultural icon from Sex and the City and her exploration of a grave, yet taboo subject:  domestic violence.”
Melisa Acoba, India Post, July 24, 2009

” I was mesmerized by how a one person play was able to interweave issues of South Asian culture, sexuality, domestic violence and dance expression so eloquently.”
Taz, Sepia Mutiny, July 3, 2009

“The poignancy of Carrie’s Web lies in its ability to hold both humor and pain in the same quadrant.”
-Nirmala Nataraj, India Currents, August 2009

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  • Neelu Chawla

    Hello Shyamala,

    Another performance of yours that I’d love to see. Is there a video available?

    In a previous email I just sent to you….I’m a family therapist completing my PhD at Purdue University and I often have my students read contemporary poetry and look at (performance) art to understand how to get to the depth of human emotional experience and be tuned in to that.


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