Miss India America – by Meera Simhan

Synopsis: A party for her periods at twleve. Swore to her mother she was a virgin at nineteen, became a dusky English Rose at twenty- two. Meera Simhan stars in this one woman performance about a comically tragic coming of age story of growing up as ¬†”good” ¬†little Indian girl in Orange, County,CA. Miss India America follows the life of a second generation South Asian girl(Simhan) who searches for identity, authenticity and freedom, in the face of strong cultural and societal values, while dealing with her blooming sexuality, finding substance in a world of pageantry and attempting to integrate and ingratiate in to a white middle class suburban world. Eventually she must travel across the pond to face her fears and find her true inner voice.

Miss India America will resonate to all as a universal coming of age story, a South Asian story as well as an immigrant story. The audience cannot help but indentify with as Simhan reveals a truly new American story.
MIA premiered in March 2008 to sold out houses at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA.

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