Deceptions – by Taniya Hossain

Synopsis: The household of a noblewoman is thrown into romantic chaos when her secret love letter is mis-delivered making and breaking up couples with each exchange.

Setting: An Italian villa and surrounding countryside (a courtyard, a garden, a forest, a road).
Time Period: 16th Century Italy

Cast Size: 4W/ 4M
Duchess Alambria       An affluent, single woman of means

Bitterelo.      Alambria’s fool

Pricilla        Alambria’s secretary

Gustavno        Alambria’s  dashing suitor from Firenze

Giamo   Alambria’s  provincial suitor

Lucia   Alambria’s maid

Maria   Alambria’s maid

Porto   Alambria’s gardener

This Play Is: unpublished

Production History: Deceptions was developed for The Rough House and produced as part of the 7th Annual Director’s Festival at Bailiwick Theatre and at the Famous Door Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

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