As Vishnu Dreams – by Shishir Kurup

(Set in a the timeless Dandaka forest as well as Ravana’s court in ancient India. Full Length.)

A meditation, not unlike Euripides’ Trojan Women and The Persians, on the ancient war drama of Rama, Sita and Ravana explored from the perspective of the losers of the war. Done with dance and puppetry in keeping with the traditional story telling style of the genre but juxtaposed with an anachronistic un-embedded journalistic  style of deconstructed storytelling. Told in flashback, present action and flash forwards, the piece explores the religious myth in all it complexities to tell a more modern reading of the ancient tale. Nothing is as it seems: Rama is more Hamlet than conquering hero, Ravana arguably more complex than merely villainous, Lakshmana more sociopath than stalwart and Sita more intrepid adventurer than just dutiful, wifely, perfection.

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