Disappearance of Luck – by Lina Patel

Synopsis: The Disappearance of Luck is about what happens when a man’s wife mysteriously disappears and a stranger appears in his life. An urban, contemporary story, The Disappearance of Luck explores loss and grief without losing its grasp on the humor and tenderness that true love inspires.

Setting: An American city
Time Period: Now

Cast Size: Seven
TEDDY, thirties.  A handsome Midwesterner.  Plays the piano.  Capable.  Not a push-over.

CHARLIE, thirties.  Puerto-Rican American.  Intense, warm.

BELA, thirties.  Half British, half-Indian.  Raised in England.  Highly-strung, her sarcasm masks a sensitive heart.

FAZLEEN, age unknown.  From Maldives, now in America.  Slight accent.

MRS. PARIKH, fifties.  Born and raised in India, lived in England for a time.  Typical Indian mother.  Or likes to think she is.

PODARJI, forties.  Born and lives in India.  A spiritual advisor and guru to Mrs. Parikh.

Detective TAYLOR, thirties.  African-American.  Professional, thoughtful.  A singer in her spare time.

Design Needs: The play takes place in Charlie and Luck’s home, Bela’s kitchen, Mrs. Parikh’s bedroom, a Police station, and a park bench.  The set can be as detailed or simple as the director wishes.  Light and music play a big part in the play.  The actor playing Teddy should be able to play the piano or at least fake it well.  The play features the music of Bob Dylan and David Bowie.

This Play Is: unpublished

10 page sample pdf

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