Ron – by Sudipta Bhawmik

Synopsis: The play is about the continuous fight that each one of us has to go through for our physical and emotional survival, especially for those of us who are the first generation immigrants to USA. The wars we fight are not always just and fair but we still need to fight them anyway.
Ron (Ronobir) Mitra, son of a Bengali immigrant family, is a member of the US Army National Guard and is currently deployed in Iraq. Ron ’s parents, Animesh and Shanti, although not happy with Ron’s decision to join the US Army, respected Ron’s wishes to serve his nation. However, Ron’s deployment to active duty in Iraq has been a constant source of tension and anxiety. On the day of the play, at a small get together at Animesh’s place, Surojit Biswas, a writer and journalist from Kolkata challenges Animesh and his guests about their loyalty, their beliefs and their fundamental moral values. The party rapidly goes into a tailspin with each character exposing their secret wars that they have been fighting all along.

Setting: Suburban North America
Time Period: 2005-2006

Cast Size: 8
This Play Is: unpublished
Production: ECTA New Jersey, ENAD California  (Bengali), NatyaBharati Maryland (Hindi), Pehchaan Florida (English)

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