Sita/Sati Part I: Apu A-Sleep – by Snehal Desai

Synopsis: Sita/Sati tells the story of newly widowed Sita Desi, an immigrant from India. Sita finds herself struggling between a want to assimilate and integrate herself into the American landscape and trying to hold onto as much of her Indian cultural heritage as possible in a new land.

She joins with the company of actors in the play to challenge and skewer the stereotypical views of Southasians. However, along the way the ritual of Sati which at first is being presented as a lark, takes a dark turn as the crowd gets caught up in the frenzy of ritual and tradition and start calling on Sita to enter the fire and actually self-immolate herself and become a Sati.

Time Period: Now, before, and memory

This Play Is: unpublished

Production History: Workshop of this play was done with Desipina Theater Company in Feb. 2009
Awards Review Quotes: Awards, Accolades, Great Review Pull Quotes, etc.

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