Helpline – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: A South Asian type-A attorney reconnects to a vitally important part of herself during a phone call to an internet helpline call center in India, where she learns the young woman on the other line is being coerced into aborting a female fetus by her husband and in-laws. 

Cast Size: 1F

Production History: Produced as part of Rasaka Theatre Company’s “Yoni ki Baat”

2 comments to Helpline – by Anita Chandwaney

  • Hi Anita, I’m a Pastor in a South Asian Church. My wife has been involved in theatre for some time and it is one of the reasons we came to Chicago. Anyway, we are always looking for things that can pick up Christian Themes with slice of life situations. This one particularly caught my eye in that I think it may address some human dignity and sanctity of life issues. I’d love to speak with you more about this play, your theatre experience and even what it was like choosing the arts as a career. Thanks for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.


  • Jayann Potal

    Hi Ms. Anita I’m a theater student and I am looking for a one act play for our drama subject. I saw your plays and i would really love to use one of them ” Instant recall” may i have your permission 2 use it ? it’s non profitable play it’s for my subject. where can i possibly get the script? if it’s okay with you.
    Im looking forward to your reply. thank you =)

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