Jon Stealer – by Rahul Varma

Synopsis: Men and women from an ‘unnamed country caught in political violence’, arrive by boat in Canada. They do menial jobs that other Canadians refuse to do, yet get labelled as job-stealer. This fast paced one-act picks up crucial aspects of challenges, hopes, and conciliation of immigrant work-force.

Setting: Canada
Time Period: Any time

Cast Size: 9
Multi ethnic cast

Design Needs: Minimalistic
This Play Is: published
Production History: Job Stealer premiered in 1987 and was subsequently remounted many times
Awards Review Quotes:

“I am not only bringing a message, I am taking one back to Ottawa.”
Robert Layton M.P.
(delivering a message from the Secretary of State)

The play won Special Juror’s award by the Quebec Drama Federation

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