Land Where the Trees Talk – by Rahul Varma

Synopsis: Huge chunk of native land has been appropriated by the government for hydro-electric development, causing mercury poisoning. Natives, headed by their chief, blockade the road. Land Where the Trees Talk is a play about native rights in face of institutionalized dispossession.

Setting: Canada
Time Period: Any time

Cast Size: 11

Casting: A total of 27 character that includes Native and non-Natives, are played by 11 actors.

This Play Is: published

Production History: Land… premiered in 1990 and remounted the same year.
Awards Review Quotes:

“…a brilliantly enthusiastic company…Langedijk’s work is a smooth flowing, well integrated piece of theatre that is not to be missed.”
Miron Galloway, The Suburban

checkbox: fulll length play
checkbox12: drama

checkbox36: some song
checkbox37: some dance

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