No Man’s Land – by Rahul Varma

Synopsis: Quaiser, Jenna, and their daughter Samreena flee communal violence in India and arrive in Montreal in 1970, with a charred brick as a reminder of their “home back home”. Home in the new country is identity to Quaiser. Determined not to let the misfortunes of other impede his desire to own a home, Quaiser buys his house below market price from an Anglophone owner who is forced out of Montreal, but finds himself in difficulty again when separatist movement shuts down his factory and the restaurant. Worse, Quaiser fails to see that his obsession to own a house had destroyed Jeena’s body and mind. No Man’s Land is a play that considers the predicament of Muslim refugees from India who are uprooted for a second time by separatist struggle in their new home.

Setting: Montreal, Canada
Time Period: Presnt

Cast Size: 8
2 South Asian middle-aged males
1 South Asian middle- aged female
1 South Asian female in her 20s
2 Canadian males
2 Canadian females

Design Needs: Impressionist
This Play Is: published

Production History: The play was produced by Teesri Duniya Theatre in 1992 to sold out houses.

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