Perfect Fit – by Lina Patel

Synopsis:  Perfect Fit if a fast-paced story about five friends, reunited, at a cross-roads in their lives.  In the play, marriage, fashion, inter-racial relationships and child-rearing are humorously explored to shine a light on three different ways of parenting.

Setting: New York City
Time Period: Now

Cast Size: 5
Radhika.  East Indian American.  A fashion designer/merchandiser.  Thirty-three.  Recently divorced.  At a cross-roads, convinced she made some mistakes.  Unsure of the next step.

Jake.  Caucasian.  A hedge fund analyst.  Thirty-three.  Radhikaâ s college boyfriend.  Carefree.  Avoids confrontation.  Sentimental.  Likes attention, can send mixed signals.

Hannah.  African-American.  Manager, soon to be owner, of a cosmetic store.  Thirty-six.  Jakeâ s current girlfriend.  Insecure, hyper-sensitive, smart, she has great warmth and great depth.

Mary Beth.  Caucasian.  Furniture designer and mother.  Thirty-three.  College friends with Radhika and Jake.  Struggling with motherhood and marriage.  Her exhaustion with the baby has made her paranoid.  Caring, unconventional, and unapologetic about how she feels about things.

Takashi.  Japanese.  Mary Bethâ s husband of four years.  An eye surgeon.  Thirty-five.  From Kobe, moved to New York when he was ten.  Warm, works hard, possibly too hard, meticulous.  Though Takashi is clear about his his choices he can be a dreamer, somewhat detached.  Reserved but can be silly.
Design Needs: A simple, versatile set where furniture is moved to create a cafe, an apartment, a soap and scent store and a hospital waiting room.
This Play Is: unpublished

Production History: Two Staged Readings at The Groundlings, West Hollywood, Directed by Shelley Butler.

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