Out of Fashion – by Anuvab Pal

Synopsis: The accidental murder of an Indian freedom fighter at a Saville Rowe Tailor shop. Or the history of Indian independence, as seen through posh suits.
Setting: London.
Time Period: 1940’s and Present Day.
Production History: performed at Asian-American Writers Workshop, Manhattan Theatre Source- in NYC, Edward Albee Theatre Festival – Alaska

FATWA – by Anuvab Pal

Synopsis: An expected death edict that never comes. Till one novelist asks the friend to react violently.  
Cast Size: 2
2 old failed novelists. The only qualification of the friend: he is “middle eastern looking”.
Production History: Only Indian playwright at The New York International Fringe Festival 2004, the play sold out and transferred to Blue Heron Arts Center to [...]

Chaos Theory – by Anuvab Pal

Synopsis: 30 Years of Shakespeare, verbal duels, jokes, alcohol. And the impefect physics of love.
Setting: America

Cast Size: 2
2 Indian professors
Production History: over 150 productions including the only Indian play to be The Finalist at The BBC World Playwriting Competition 2007, Alter Ego Productions, SALAAM Theatre, Producers Club, Here Theatre-Soho, 78 th Street Theatre Lab, American Theatre of Actors, [...]