if it’s sad, i don’t want to see it – by Rehana Mirza

Synopsis: In a newly formed boutique water company, an odd assortment of individuals come together. As the global economy becomes increasingly smaller, each individual comes to face what they are willing to give up in the pursuit for happiness.  1 hr, 40 min
Setting: New York
Time Period: The Present
Cast Size:  3M, 3W

THE GOOD MUSLIM – by Rehana Mirza

Synopsis: An atheist clubkid, Nora, and a sheltered Muslim girl form an unlikely friendship. When circumstances lead them to becoming roommates, the personal becomes political.
Setting: Queens, New York
Time Period: The Present
Cast Size:  2W


Synopsis: A semi-serious comedy about a radio show that wakes up New York with frivolous pranks, and the intern who comes along to reform it, one fart joke at a time. 1 hr, 40min
Setting: New York
Time Period: The Present
Cast Size:  3M, 1W
Production History: *John Golden Award

BARRIERS – by Rehana Mirza

Synopsis: Sunima returns home to announce her pending engagement, but instead gets trapped in the family loss they never dealt with.  As this multi-cultural, Muslim family begins to fragment, we begin to piece together the past each one hides, and the future they all share.
Setting: New Jersey
Time Period: 2002
Cast Size: 4M, 2W
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