Secession – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: Momma, Dolly and Minnie are indentured servants in Louisiana.  Their family has worked for the Beauregards for many generations as paying off their debt continues to elude them.  The play opens at the Beauregard country estate in December, 1860 – a few days before South Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the [...]

Helpline – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: A South Asian type-A attorney reconnects to a vitally important part of herself during a phone call to an internet helpline call center in India, where she learns the young woman on the other line is being coerced into aborting a female fetus by her husband and in-laws. 
Cast Size: 1F
Production History: Produced as part of Rasaka [...]

Instant Recall – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: Madhu, an aging South Asian woman is convinced that Nigel, an aging British man, is important to her life. As they share their stories, Nigel is persuaded that he indeed is.

Review Quotes:
““Instant Recall,” is funny and compelling, playing cleverly on the concept of immigration by placing a South Asian newcomer on a cruise ship, [...]

2020 – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: Kali, a South Asian American woman comes face to face with the perils of not disclosing to her daughter Devi that she was conceived of a South Asian egg donor.  Only when Devi brings home her new boyfriend and shares their joyous news does Kali learn of her daughters half-sibling.
Time Period: 2020

Gandhi Marg – by Anita Chandwaney

Synopsis: Gandhi Marg  was inspired by “A Streetcar Named Desire” and is set in the neighborhood surrounding Chicago’s Devon Avenue, affectionately known as little India.  The action takes place in the front “yard” of Shardul and Shanti’s apartment building, and inside the apartment itself.  Shanti and Shardul are newlyweds and very much in love. Shanti’s sister, [...]