Sita/Sati Part I: Apu A-Sleep – by Snehal Desai

Synopsis: Sita/Sati tells the story of newly widowed Sita Desi, an immigrant from India. Sita finds herself struggling between a want to assimilate and integrate herself into the American landscape and trying to hold onto as much of her Indian cultural heritage as possible in a new land.
She joins with the company of actors in [...]

Finding Ways to Prove You’re NOT an Al-Qaeda Terrorist When You’re Brown (and other stories of the gIndian) – by Snehal Desai

Synopsis: One man’s quest to get out of the closet and through airport security without compromising his individuality or his man-purse.

Setting: USA and India and various airports
Time Period: Present

Cast Size: 1
Casting: Akash Chitrabannermukherjitraji-Indian male, 25.
This Play Is: unpublished

10 page sample pdf