Chakras – by Kesav Wable

Synopsis: Neil Das and Anita Thierry are a young couple in a troubled relationship.  Neil is burdened by his recent experiences in Iraq, where he worked for the private security firm, Apex.  Seeking respite and in the hopes of fortifying their bond, Neil and Anita enroll in a yoga retreat at [...]

For Flow – by Kesav Wable

Synopsis: Dee and Kane are two MC’s from the borough of the Bronx searching for a way to climb out of the hard-knock lives they’ve been forced to lead. We join them on a street corner where they await the arrival of Flow, a record producer Dee claims to have met earlier [...]

Ashoka’s Wheel – by Kesav Wable

Synopsis: It is present day. Kiran Deshpande, a real estate mogul and chair of a successful charity, â Ashokaâ s Wheelâ , steps to the podium with his wife Ritu, to address the guests attending the celebration of their non-profitâ s tenth anniversary.  Kiran will come to learn that his non-profit, [...]