Sex Industry: Indecent Job and Closets Full of Juicy Plums – by Bina Sharif

INDECENT JOB: A sexually charged, wealthy banker wants to have his own private club with scantily clad dancing girls.
CLOSETS FULL OF JUICY PLUMS: A step-father sleeps with his adoptive young daughter.
Setting: A strip club, an apartment, a school
Cast Size: 6
BANKER, white American male
DANCERS (5), female

Accusation – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: Ten young men are wrongfully accused by their neighbors of various petty crimes, such as jumping rope in the apartment.
Setting: A courtroom, an upscale French restaurant in NYC
Time Period: 2000
Cast Size: 13
ACCUSED MEN (2), 18-20 years old. The remaining 8 men are represented by signs taped to empty chairs.
JUDGE, white American female

Rats in the Tunnel – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: Homeless men and women waiting for their lives to change on the eve of the new millennium in Tompkins Square Park.
Setting: A tunnel in Tompkins Square Park, NYC
Time Period: December 31st, 1999
Cast Size: 3
BOB, white American male, homeless
HENRY, white American male, homeless
MARIETTA, Latin American female immigrant, homeless
This Play is: Unpublished

Afghan Woman – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: The experience of an Afghan village woman during the war in Afghanistan following 9/11.
Setting: War-torn Afghanistan
Time Period: 2002
Cast Size: 1
This Play is: Published
Production History:

Theater for the New City, New York, NY (2002)
Contact Theater, Manchester, England
Produced by various university theaters in the US, Canada, Belgium, and Pakistan

Democracy in Islam – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: The life of a Pakistani American family in Manhattan after 9/11.
Setting: A Manhattan apartment, restaurant, TV studio, anti-war demonstration, arts studio
Time Period: 2002
Cast Size: 8
MOTHER, 40, Pakistani American
SONS (2), 20, American-born Pakistani
DAUGHTER, 19, American-born Pakistani
FRIEND, 19, American-born Pakistani
TV EXECUTIVES (2), 30s, white American males
This Play is: Unpublished
Production History:

Theater for the New [...]

Muslim Glitter – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: A Christian performance artist befriends a Muslim maid and converts to Islam before 9/11. Afterwards she gets a hard time in public, at airports, her office, and everyday life.
Setting: A performance art club in Manhattan, an office, an airport, and Paris, France
Time Period: 2003-2004
Cast Size: 1
This Play is: Unpublished
Production History:

Theater for the New City, [...]

Why? – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: A philosophical tale of riches and poverty, with biblical reference to Jesus’s promise of daily bread for everyone in the promise of change by politicians. The play begins in the distant past and then jumps to the present.
Time Period: Biblical times, present
Cast Size: 8
The eight actors play double roles:
This Play is: [...]

The Republic of Iqra – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: A response to the Iraq war and the (fictionalized) events of the outing of Valerie Plame and the trial of Scooter Libby, interpreted through the eyes of a dead Iraqi woman and her daughters.
Setting: A courtroom
Cast Size: 8
JUDGE: White American male
DEFENDANT: White American male
REPORTERS (2): White American females
PROSECUTOR: White American male
This [...]

Think of Ben Brantley and Write a Happy Play – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: Mona and Robert are an unhappily married couple. Mona keeps writing depressing plays about the Iraq war. Robert advises her to think of Ben Brantley, his favorite New York Times theatre critic, and write a happy commercial play, so they can make some money and save their marriage.
Setting: A Manhattan apartment and various off-off [...]

A Month in the Cafe – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: No one in the cafe talks to anyone else. All customers are on computers at all times. The waitress, an unemployed actress, is lonely and wants to make friends with the customers, but no one pays attention to her. She begins her own stream of consciousness monologues about how technology has ruined human interaction. [...]

Here Comes the Change – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: Town hall debates between the candidates for the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
Time Period: 2008
Cast Size: 10
This Play is: Unpublished
Production History:

Theater for the New City, New York, NY (2008)

Stream of Consciousness of Singing Birds – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: A memory play of surrealistic bird-like humans and their journey from one climate to another and from one culture to another, encompassing oceans, mountains, high and low altitudes. A journey of happiness and loss, of life and death. A journey within and a journey of everyday happenings.
Cast Size: 9
This Play is: Unpublished
Production History:

Theater for [...]

Comedy of Terrors – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: The play begins with the first few lines of “Raven”, by Edgar Allen Poe. A South Asian Muslim artist has a nightmare where the FBI search her apartment. When she wakes up, she can’t find the script for her performance at PS 122 the next day.
Setting: An East Village apartment in Manhattan

Sleeping with Horses – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: Part 2 of One Thousand Hours of Love, in which Kamla writes letters to her possibly imaginary English lover, James.
Setting: A small cottage in Kerala, on a rainy day.
Cast Size: 1
KAMLA: A South Asian woman
This Play is: Unpublished
Production History:

Commissioned by Mabou Mines in New York, produced for their summer residency program with the playwright [...]

Somewhere Out There Children Are Drunk – by Bina Sharif

Synopsis: Very old, wheel-chair bound parents are losing their memories, with no one to take care of them. They don’t even remember if they ever had children. Their children are angry at theĀ  parents for not remembering them. It ends in violence.
Cast Size: 5
This Play is: Unpublished
Production History:

Les Theater Festival, Theater for the New [...]