Emblem – by Shyamala Moorty

Synopsis: The post 9/11 South Asian-American body becomes beholden to U.S. Homeland Security and molded by patriotic nationalism.  The performer, once a South Asian woman, becomes the Emblem of the US: the predatory bald eagle, as it soars into the boundless space of the future, leaving a trail of carcasses behind
Setting: Urban neighborhood in the [...]

Potty Talk – by Shyamala Moorty

Synopsis: An ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) teenager arrives in India for the first time and is shocked at the lack of toilet paper.  Her bouyant personality ironically co-exists with an elderly cleaning woman who, while sweeping up after the teenager, serves up a poignant commentary about the caste system and the waste of the [...]

Carrie’s Web – by Shyamala Moorty

Synopsis: Spiders have often been a source of humansâ  deepest nightmares.  However, in Carrie’s Web they may actually save the day!  A young South Asian woman struggles to untangle herself from cultural and familial webs.  She looks for empowerment to stop cycle of violence only to find help from an extremely unlikely source.  A [...]

RISE – by Shyamala Moorty

Synopsis: A love-sick heroine wields a plunger as her only weapon against riots, religious fundamentalism, and the breakdown of the toilet.  A series of characters “rise”  out of her clogged toilet to regurgitate their stories of religious fundamentalism, war, and toilet paper shortages.  RISE merges humorous and dramatic characterizations with contemporary Indian dance, and a [...]