Mother in Another Language – by Taniya Hossain

Synopsis: When Tarak, a Bengali ex-pat, and Karen, an American, decide to get married, they know they’re in for some cultural difficulties. But when Tarak buys them a brownstone and asks permission to move his mother into the basement apartment, Karen knows sheâ s getting more than she bargained for. Hoping that Tarak’s mother is [...]

Bridge & Tunnel – by Taniya Hossain

Synopsis: Sarah, a suburban housewife, befriends her gay neighbor Mike when he loses his longtime companion in a motorcycle accident. The two form a strange bond when Mike learns that Sarahâ s first husband was also killed in a car accident. They spend their nights mourning their lost loves in their own unique way until [...]

Neighbors – by Taniya Hossain

Synopsis: Neighbors follows Carrie’s revelation that her husband is cheating on her with her next door neighbor’s wife.
Setting: An apartment building in New York City.
Time Period: The present
Cast Size: 2W/ 2M
Carrie, F.
A career gal that just wants a nice life with nice vacations.
David, M.
Carrie’s husband. A man who likes to be on top. He is [...]

Deceptions – by Taniya Hossain

Synopsis: The household of a noblewoman is thrown into romantic chaos when her secret love letter is mis-delivered making and breaking up couples with each exchange.
Setting: An Italian villa and surrounding countryside (a courtyard, a garden, a forest, a road).
Time Period: 16th Century Italy
Cast Size: 4W/ 4M
Duchess Alambria       An affluent, single woman [...]